double pane windows on a house

Double Pane Windows

Should you get high quality dual pane windows

When investing in a property, often many choose to focus on the physical look and undoubtedly the energy saving benefits of double glazed windows. There is also the cost effectiveness and the added value to your home. The one thing that often gets overlooked however is just how great they are for security.

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Dual Pane Windows are very secure

Depending on the type of windows you are seeking, these can be great as a security deterrent as well as actual security benefit. We look at some of the types of windows and the features that may stop a burglary in its tracks.

Make Sure you Secure window locks

Often when your home gets warm (especially in the summer) you may want to leave your windows open whilst your out. The problem being that an open window is seen as an opening for a burglar to seize an opportunity at a moments notice, and help themselves to your possessions. If you do not leave the windows open your home will become unbearably hot in the summer months. This is where secure locking windows come in, these have a mechanism where they can be left open ever so slightly to let the air from outside in but have an extra locking section which will prevent the window being opened further by hand.

In most situations the windows will appear closed or at least locked since there will be a little space seen when viewed up close. Even if a thief wanted to try their luck it would mean the use of a crowbar and damage to your property, something that may be deemed to high risk to try it. Privacy Blinds also help make burglars think twice.

Window types and placement of them

Having the right type of window could make a huge difference to the outcome of a burglary. Casement windows might showcase a lot of your things whereas fire escape windows may look a bit daunting to a potential thief. One great benefit of the newer modeled reversible windows available from window and conservatory suppliers Harvey’s Windows is that a thief would be unlikely to take their chances against the odd shaped glass and frame that it comes with.

Choosing your window type is important when rehabbing your property as it could make a difference to your home insurance. A consideration for a new home owner when placing windows should also be what a potential thief may see through them and take their chances for.

High quality glass replacement will also make your property impenetrable since they will not be able to break it as they would the standard glass. Double or even triple glazing will not just make your home warm and cost saving but also prevent a potential burglary.