wooden window being replaced

Wood or UPVC Vinyl Windows

Should you go with Wooden or Vinyl windows

Timber window frames have been the most popular for decades, but the uPVC frames have started to make a great difference in the materials people are using when remodeling their homes. While both camps of window frame manufacturers claim to be the best material out there, there are some differences that people need to be aware of when choosing which material to use. First is the lifespan of each material.

While timber has been used for the longest period of time, uPVC states that they’re virtually maintenance free for up to 25 years.

Timber, on the other hand, requires painting and maintenance every couple of years to make sure they stay in good shape. But with the newer technology available these days for the treatment of timber before it gets installed into a window frame, you can expect much less maintenance over the years than you used to. This, of course, takes you right into the environmental aspect.

The problem with wooden windows

Timber requires trees to be cut down and the chemicals they use to treat them aren’t necessarily environmentally friendly. While uPVC doesn’t require trees to be cut, the creation of the materials is from plastic, and that isn’t very friendly to the environment either.

Benefits of Vinyl Window Frames

Vinyl windows have come a long way, they are used in new windows and glass doors,  though, as most of it is from recycled plastics, and this is a good thing for people that want to stay a bit closer to the green side without having to cut down trees. You also won’t have to repaint the fiberglass frames, and this saves the environment from harsh chemicals that is used in the paint.

While timber may give you a more natural look and feel to your home, uPVC is easier to make and maintain.

Final Window Choice is Yours

The real choice in deciding on whether you want to use wooden or fiberglass is in the look and feel that you want from your windows. If you like the all-natural look, then go with timber, but the fact that you don’t have to maintain the vinyl windows as much as the timber makes you smile, then that should be your choice.

The decision you make will be the right one for your home and you shouldn’t have to second guess yourself.