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How to Choose The Perfect Window Blinds

Whether you are moving into a new home or just renovating the home you are currently living in, you should keep in mind that replacing your blinds can be one of the most dramatic changes you can make.

Not many people think about replacing their window blinds when it comes time to renovate, and they just keep putting the same old blinds back up. But, if you want a drastic change in the look and feel of any room, changing your window blinds will give you that change.

Where to start looking for window blinds

When you start looking for different types of window blinds, you will see that there is a large variety available to you. Most of the common blinds are made from aluminum or fabric, although there are wooden blinds that are great for a more natural look and feel to your room.

Traditional or Mounted Window Coverings


However, what you really need to decide on is whether you want the traditional blinds that mount above the window, or the magnetic blinds that mount with a magnetic adhesive strip that attaches to the window frame itself. Magnetic blinds take away the need for tools and create a more clean installation than standard blinds.

Want to compare blind types

The only real issue with magnetic blinds is the fact that the adhesive deteriorates over time, and this can cause your blinds to suddenly fall from the window. Of course, there are things that you can do to make sure your blinds aren’t suddenly found on the floor. One thing is to check the adhesive from time to time and replace it if needed. You should also keep a constant temperature in your home; dramatic changing of temperature weakens the adhesive and will cause it to fail sooner.

Whatever type of blind you decide to go with, make sure you do some research before you purchase them. Some blinds are great for high humidity areas while others are perfect for drier conditions. You should also make sure that your measurements are correct as nothing is worse than having your blinds ready to put up and then find out that your measurements were off. If they are too short, you will have to purchase new blinds, but if they are long, you can center them over the window.